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I scorpionclips had been in London for a few days in the business and, fortunately, had the night and the day off. If an appointment in the coming days, I managed to call a gay couple of shops where I bought some magazines and leather shift knob - Hahn tapes, scorpionclips belt, boots, and in the evening visited a gay sauna few. on the train back to Manchester, I settled for a boring afternoon 3- hour trip in a car quite empty. I sat a table for 4, so I decided to read a gay magazine. I put my briefcase on the table, put the magazine in another magazine then pulled out and sat back pictures of boys cocks muscle and to enjoy the gay horny stories and scorpionclips advertisements. After a while I noticed an old man sitting on the opposite side of the train, a few seats looking at me. Very elegant in a suit and tie. At first I thought you would like the gay speech, but realized that would not have scorpionclips seen. I figured I'd imagined, but when I looked up I sawand smiled weakly. About an hour into the trip I was in the car and approached me, smiled and nodded hello. When he left, he looked over his shoulder, so I can see what he decided. I had open on one side with the boys sucking another type. I saw he raised his eyebrows, smiled and went into the toilet. I put my hand under the table and I had to drive through my pants. I was so excited and I unpacked my tail. A few minutes later I saw him again. When he came to me, stopped, leaned back in my seat and said, ' This looks good '... I did not know whether he was referring to images or tail, but it was so rigid. He introduced himself and asked me where I went, I said I was going to Manchester and then returned to his place. was so in attendance, turned around and my dick in public. I was looking through the magazine, stroking my cock and occasionally looking at scorpionclips him. Every time I did, he stroked her thighs and penis and SMIaddressed to me. After 30 minutes, I decided scorpionclips I desperately needed a compressed straw, and went to the bathroom. I closed the door and I immediately took off his clothes hung on the door and began to masturbate and I saw myself in the mirror. He had painted the boys in the magazine with his muscular body, oiled and thick tails, when I heard a knock at the door. I froze, not knowing what to do. I stood behind the door so I could and closed it, opened it a bit so I could see. He was the guy before. He leaned against the wall in front of his penis scorpionclips and stroked it gently and smiling. If someone had gathered, could be made ​​only to face the door and pulled the zipper. I was excited now, so I opened the door completely and showed him my naked body and hard cock swollen. He scorpionclips nodded and smiled even more.... 'Hm, well, ' he said. He stepped forward and offered his hand.... Only close enough to touch the tip of the tail. gently cuppad my balls with one hand and my purple feathers button with your fingers. I thought I would stop immediately if he did, but he could see how excited he was, and sat back..... 'We, when the train arrives, ' said meet. While I nodded and was about to take a step back in the cockpit, as he pushed me inside and I kept in locked the door and began running his hands slowly all over my naked body, murmuring all the time, turned to the surface of the mirror so he could see himself playing with me, rubbing his penis against my ass cheeks. I said that should not be here long, so that it tilts forward, the pre -cum leaking from my cock, stood up and kissed me, opened the door and left. I wanted to fool me fast and hard and shoot my hot milk all over the mirror. But I went, I went to.... to my house and waited for the train to reach the longest 40 minutes I can remember scorpionclips was. I sat stroking and caressing my cock throbbing and looked at me. When the train came and waited on the platform. He said he knew a sauna, we could go to 5 minutes....
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